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Immunization Needed

Stacy de Assis Matthews, school law coordinator for the Oregon health Authority’s Public Health Division said that immunization is an effective way to keep schools and the entire community healthy. If the school and child care vaccination records are not to date, the child will be sent home, which means that kids who don’t have neither immunization nor medical or religious exemption can be held out of school, Wednesday as the exclusion day.

Parents seeking immunization for their children should contact their health care provider and no one can be turned down because merely of inability to pay for required vaccines.

The Senate lawmakers had heard Senate Bill 132 (if it passes would take effect March of next year) that would change how parents opt out. It would require parents who request non medical exemptions from immunization requirements to submit a signed form from a healthcare provider, or complete an online video.

The bill’s supporters at the Oregon Pediatric Society say they want parents who opt out to know the risks of not vaccinating – to both their children and community.

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