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Oregon to Tax Motorist over Miles Driven and Not Fuel Consumed

The new idea for Oregon state motorists to be taxed by the amount of miles the drive per year has sparked privacy issues among those who oppose the bill. The program, springing out of a recently signed bill, is expected to launch in 2015 and is a replacement for the 30-cents-a-gallon gas tax and implements a 1.5 cents-per-mile tax.

While many motorists understand the reasoning for a gas tax, many are concerned on how the government proposes to record the amount of miles someone actually drives per year. The government is proposing that each car in Oregon be equipped with a GPS device that would track the amount of miles a car travels per year. This device gained negative feedback from those who are fighting the program in an uproar, claiming that this is essentially an invasion of privacy. One spokesperson for the opposition of this program states: “Each day more and more of us are required to tell government agencies more and more about ourselves. Do we really want the government collecting data about driving habits?”

Another concern for the program is that each device will cost about $200 dollars, meaning the cost alone for the government to install these devices would not be covered by the taxes that the program would collect. However, state officials claim that the biggest opposition of this change from fuel consumed tax to miles driven tax will come from those who have purchased hybrid, fuel saving and electronic cars. These officials claim that car manufacturers will continue to produce more efficient cars as the prices of gas go up thus the cause for the change to miles driven per year.

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